Trump’s decision to end DACA for 800,000 young adults pursuing higher education and working to help their families is simply heartless. Donald Trump has a long history of demonstrating to the world not everyone matters. In many cases, he has shown the lives of Black, Brown and poor immigrants and undocumented people matter the least.

Donald Trump and leadership in DC continue to show they lack the moral courage to continue our long tradition of creating pathways to citizenships for people living in America without documentation. Now this egregious behavior of dismantling the DACA program and removing hardworking young adults and students, according to CNBC, will wipe out hundreds of billions of dollars from our country’s GDP, placing the US economy in difficult times.

The leaders of Faith in New Jersey will continue to stand with those who are targeted by our government harsh policies by voting, educating, marching, demonstrating and peaceful acts of non-violence resistance. We also want to continue challenging members of our faith communities to join various righteous fights for justice in New Jersey and around the nation. Now is not a time for anyone to remain silent and on the sideline while our sisters and brothers continue to hurt. This is a fight for humanity – human justice, human rights, human dignity and human respect. All of our faith traditions teach us that those who have are called upon to share with those who have not.

We want to see our undocumented sisters and brothers embraced, accepted and given a fair pathway to citizenship just like we allowed 12 million people of all different races, colors, and creeds to enter in through Ellis Island.

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