Statement in Response to Synagogue Shooting

Today we take time to remember the precious lives that were lost at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburg, PA. These were people of God who were targeted due to their faith and ethnic background.

This act is one in a long line of violence against the Jews that is created by fear, ignorance and anti-Semitic propaganda. This was not only a violation of our constitutional rights but an attack on our ability to peacefully practice our faith in America.  

We stand boldly with our Jewish sisters and brothers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and around the United States of America. We remind the Jewish community that they are not alone during these times of fear, anger and uncertainty. We will continue to speak up against hate, stand up against racism and demand proactive action be taken to prevent terrorism against the faith community and innocent people.

Let us love each other during these difficult times. Let us teach our children these acts are evil. Let us honor the victims with our fight for justice. 

Archange Antoine
Executive Director
Faith in New Jersey

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