(Rahway NJ, 12/13/19) – Faith in New Jersey expresses its solidarity and support of the Jewish community following the targeted attack on a Jewish Kosher deli in Jersey City on Tuesday.

Today we take time to remember the precious lives that were lost. Detective Joseph Seals, Mindy Ferencz, Moshe Deutsch, and Douglas Miguel Rodriguez we remember you.  Those who were targeted due to their faith and ethnic background and others who were also caught in the killers’ bullets.

This act is the most recent one in a long line of violence against the Jewish people that is created by fear, ignorance and anti-Semitic propaganda which operates in an increasingly polarized and hostile vitriolic political environment in which demoniziation and dehumanization of “the other” is unfortunately becoming the norm.

We stand boldly with our Jewish sisters and brothers here in New Jersey and around the United States of America. We remind the Jewish community that they are not alone during these times of fear, anger and uncertainty.  We will continue to call upon people of all faiths and backgrounds and our political and governmental leaders to repudiate the hatred that apparently motivated this heinous attack and to stand up against xenophobia and racism in all its forms and manifestations.

We thank local law enforcement authorities for their swift response and offer our condolences to the family of the slain Jersey City police officer and to the loved ones of all those killed or injured.

Let us love each other during these difficult times. Let us teach our children these acts are evil. Let us honor the victims with our continuing fight for justice for all and seek and work together to build the beloved and inclusive community that we all so desperately need.

– All of us at Faith in New Jersey

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