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Charlene is a New Jersey native and a powerful woman of faith with a consistent record of fiercely advocating for racial, immigrant, economic, and social justice. She challenges leaders and institutions to better unite our social movements and to work towards dismantling systems of hate and oppression. As a firm believer that justice begins at our intersections she reminds us of the need for Black, Brown, people with different abilities, youth, and poor communities to work closely together to build more power to win on the pressing issues that support the families of New Jersey. Charlene's unique upbringing empowers her to connect with people from all walks of life. She sees the enormous capacity for love people have and values their inherent worth and dignity; motivating those she engages with to take on active roles in the community and political process. Charlene is actively cultivating the leaders of tomorrow who will lead the state of New Jersey and United States to build the Beloved Community; one of hope, justice, fairness, opportunity and love.



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P.O. Box 1317, Camden, NJ 08105
609 256- 4118

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Charlene D. Walker
[email protected]

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